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Eagle Frizzell is committed to providing our customers with the professionalism that they have come to expect from our dedicated and knowledgeable staff.  Sales personnel have an average tenure of 35 years experience in the food service and equipment industry.

Sales territory includes Northern California (north of Bakersfield) and Nevada (north of Clark County). 

Looking to buy equipment? Use the sales territory listed below to find the closest sales representative in your area.

Brian Eagle

With more than three decades of sales experience, Brian is knowledgeable in what it takes to run a successful manufacturers representative firm. He is always available to assist customers and address their specific needs and concerns. Prior experience includes working in marketing and sales for a Fortune 100 company in the foodservice industry. Brian is a graduate of Santa Clara University.

Sales territory includes San Francisco Peninsula, Marin County and the North Bay.

Erica Hutchinson

Sales associate for special projects.  Erica is a graduate of Fordham University.


Joel has twenty years of experience in the foodservice industry and extensive product knowledge. He has proven ability to drive revenue growth and increase market share through strategic partnerships. Joel has extensive experience in segment marketing to the K-12, healthcare, correctional, hospitality and gaming industry.  Experience includes working the past seven years as regional sales manager for a Fortune 200 company in the foodservice industry, manufactures rep and dealer sales rep. Joel has a BA degree in business management with a concentration in marketing.

Sales responsibility includes strategic accounts in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Reno and the San Joaquin Valley.

Donn Frizzell

Thirty years of experience in the foodservice industry, extensive product knowledge, acute attention to detail, and the ability to synthesize and prioritize complex information helps to ensure the success of every project that Donn manages. Prior experience includes working in marketing and sales for a Fortune 100 company in the foodservice industry. Donn is a graduate of The Ohio State University.

Sales territory includes East Bay, San Jose and Monterey Bay.

Mary Frizzell

Responsibilities include all aspects of office management including customer service, accounting, order processing, and web design. First and foremost, Mary is dedicated to serving customers efficiently and ethically. All orders are submitted electronically, providing a comprehensive data trail for quick reference and evaluation. Mary is a graduate of The Ohio State University.

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